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I am a first-year PhD student interested in machine learning and Bayesian neural networks under the leadership of Prof Miguel Rodrigues at UCL with hands-on experience from industrial/academic placements in three different countries. My main expertise has revolved around convolutional neural networks and their hardware acceleration applied to computer vision tasks. I consider myself as a practical researcher with an engineering background ready to apply my mixed skillset in industry.

Machine Learning/AI

Probably not the first time you’re reading ‘Machine Learning’ (ML). But hey, the buzzword is absolutely worth the hype. ML is bigger than recognizing cars or cats or road signs- think bigger. What about neural networks that can assemble themselves, and then adapt and learn from the assembly process?


Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are awesome. In fact, they’re almost magic. In the old days, dedicated silicon had to be developed at a very high cost to carry out specific applications. Now, it can all be programmed, without any need to delve into complex design tools. They’re just as fast as application specific processors and so I’m fascinated to see how algorithms, especially dynamic algorithms can make use of this acceleration.

Embedded Systems

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s potential. If you haven’t then allow me ⁠— the IoT concept takes ordinary devices, such as thermostats, and makes them connected. This means that people now control their heating away from home. This simple, yet revolutionary idea greatly excites me and I’m thrilled to see it’s future uses, particularly in healthcare and precision control.

Team work

Its not only about the technologies, but mainly about the people behind them. (Until FPGA driven robots povered by AI will be able to write code...) I am always excited to work in a team. Working with others generates new ideas, strengthens existing friendships and is just much more fun which can be shared, right?


The main condition about any project and work that I do is that I do something novel. I am not interested in repeating solutions developed by the others, I am more interested in researching my own solutions. I am not afraid of reading papers and independently conducting research, I actually love it!


Working Knowlege

Other languages used from time to time:
C, Java, Solidity, MATLAB, MIPS & ARM assembly, SQL


System Design:
Unix systems, git, CircleCI, Docker, CMake & make, GoogleTest & unittest, Networking (CISCO CCNA1 Certificate)

Blockchain: Solidity smart contracts, Web design (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Basic React), Robotics, Computer Vision/OpenCV, Embedded systems such as Arduinos or Raspberry Pis, Caffe

*: The percentages and the progress bars represent a personal frame of reference/level of confidence depending on the projects I have worked on previously or how extensively have I used that skill in comparison to others.



Projects of the past and present.

Active and Passive Air Recuperation

Low level System, Energetics, C, Control and Sensoring


Embedded System, Healthcare, Python, Machine Learning

FPGA Marker Detection

FPGAs, Computer Vision, C++, High-Level Synthesis

ZSD Toolbox

Java coding, Optimizations, Consultancy, Presenting

CPU Simulator

C++, Assembly, Compilers & Simulators

Concussion Prevention

Embedded System, Healthcare, Python, Embedded C


Embedded System, Machine Learning, Food Waste, Python

FPGA/AI Toolbox

FPGAs, C++, Machine Learning, Python

Drug consumption prediction for NHS

Bayesian recurrent neural network, Data analysis, Machine Learning, Python


Publications reflecting my interests.

Static Block Floating-Point Quantization for Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGA

2020 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (ICFPT)

Hongxiang Fan, Gang Wang, Martin Ferianc, Xinyu Niu, Wayne Luk

Improving Performance Estimation for FPGA-based Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks

2020 International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC)

Martin Ferianc, Hongxiang Fan, Ringo S. W. Chu, Jakub Stano, Wayne Luk

F-E3D: FPGA-based Acceleration of an Efficient 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Human Action Recognition (Best Paper Candidate)

2019 International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP)

Hongxiang Fan, Cheng Luo, Chenglong Zeng, Martin Ferianc, Zhiqiang Que, Shuanglong Liu, Xinyu Niu, Wayne Luk

A Real-Time Object Detection Accelerator with Compressed SSDLite on FPGA (Best Paper Candidate)

2018 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT)

Hongxiang Fan, Shuanglong Liu, Martin Ferianc, Ho-Cheung Ng, Zhiqiang Que, Shen Liu, Xinyu Niu, Wayne Luk

Short Bio

Where am I in my journey?

  • 2006-2015

    My Humble Beginning

    I was a student at Gymnázium Jura Hronca in Bratislava, Slovakia progressing to join the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. All of the IB subjects I took, except Slovak language and literature, were taught in English. My high-level elective classes were Maths, Physics and English.

  • 2015-2019


    I was accepted by Imperial College London following high school and moved to London in September 2015 to embark on the next stage of my journey- an integrated Master’s degree in Electronic and Information Systems Engineering. If I had to say I had a superpower, I’d say that given a whole bunch of transistors, I would be able to build a small microprocessor, create the instruction-set and then program it to control something. I like to think this is better than Spider Man, but I’m aiming for Tony Stark level innovation. Iron Man, you’re next.

  • 2019-2023

    Doctor in Training

    Afterwards, I was amazed by the power of machine learning so much that I have decided to undertake a PhD in this field under the supervision of Prof Miguel Rodrigues at UCL, still in London. My aim is to bring a more logical approach to the construction of Bayesian neural networks such that it can be more accessible to common folk without needing black magic like skills.

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    Future with you?

    I’m keeping an open mind about where my future takes me, but if you think I would be a great fit for your team, company or project, let me know! I’d love the chance to talk with you. Feel free to also to send cat pictures, I always appreciate those. For opportunities and cat related enquiries, there’s a button right below.


What was said about my work?

Martin worked for approximately 20 hours engaging with students who were learning ARM assembly language. I was impressed by his diligence and competence in the lab, and his overall maturity. Feedback from the students he was teaching showed one of the highest levels of satisfaction.

Dr Thomas Clarke MA, PhD
Senior Teaching Fellow
Imperial College London, London, UK

I have supervised many UROP students in the past, and he is one of the most outstanding UROP students in the last 15 years. He is able to master complex techniques quickly, and to produce innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. He is passionate in his work, and is completely self-driven.

Professor Wayne Luk FREng
Professor of Computer Engineering
Head, Custom Computing Research Group
Imperial College London, London, UK

Martin immediately presented himself as a dedicated, independent and proactive student who quickly understood the tasks, tried to solve them in an innovative way in the shortest possible time and discussed the outcomes with this colleagues.

Andrej Juris
Chairman of the board
Západoslovenská Distribučná a.s.
Bratislava, Slovakia

He demonstrated a great foundation of technical knowledge spanning high level software, system design and hardware, and an eagerness to bring theory and creative solutions into production. He worked independently and fit well with his team and often times proved himself as being able to think out of the box with respect to the bigger picture and to the company’s mission.

Xiao Mengqiu
COO & Co-founder
Corerain Technologies Ltd.
Shenzhen, China

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